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July 17, 2008

Annual Service Plan Reports 2005/06

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Province of British Columbia
2007/2008 Strategic Plan Annual Report
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Ministry Annual Service Plan Reports
  Office of the Premier
  Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
  Advanced Education
  Agriculture and Lands
  Attorney General
Law Reform, Justice, Legal Services to Government and
Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism
  Children and Family Development
  Community Services
  Economic Development
  Education (Updated)
  Employment and Income Assistance
  Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
  Environment including Environmental
Assessment Office
  Finance and Associated Entities
  Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing
  Labour and Citizens’ Services
  Public Safety and Solicitor General
  Small Business and Revenue
  Tourism, Sport and the Arts

Commission Annual Service Plan Reports
  Agricultural Land Commission
  BC Public Service Agency
  Environmental Assessment Office
(included with Ministry of Environment Service Plan)